One year before this book was published Dayna lost the dearest person in her life. Her grandfather, her Jidu, meant the world to her and always will. When a person you love passes away it can be difficult to accept and understand why it happened, but Dayna has always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It is important to cherish everything about the people you love; to remember all of the things about that person that once made your heart smile and dance. 

Tales of a Honydoo was born. In her first book, Dayna wrote a story as a tool or conversation starter on the concept of death and losing a loved one. As a young child, Dayna struggled to see the good that could come from such a heartbreaking life event. She believe that if she was given the opportunity to learn how to cope with such an event, she would have been able to deal with such issues in a different way, more prepared and with better understanding. With great loss there is great gain. Dayna only truly learned that after going through such a difficult time. In her own time of grieving she found comfort in teaching herself this very lesson and now she wishes help others find that same strength.  hope that this story acts as a reminder to cherish all of those memories and to know that their love will never fade. Love is an incredible thing; protect it, cherish it, and always be grateful for it. 

Tales of a Honydoo is dedicated to help build spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional awareness and balance for children.


Mr. Dak: The Tale of a special turtle

Mr. Dak lived life full of love and happiness. He wore colourful sweaters, played Bingo with his friends, and snacked on bananas. His infectious laugh was impossible not to love. Throughout his life, he created special memories with everyone he met. 

Mr. Dak had a way of making his family and friends feel tremendously loved. The memory of Mr. Dak is sure to leave a fond smile on the faces of all who knew him. He is truly unforgettable and will always have a special place in our hearts.