Mr. Dak: The Tale of a Special Turtle

Mr. Dak: The Tale of a Special Turtle


One year before this book was published, Dayna lost the dearest person in her life. Her grandfather, her Jidu, meant the world to her and always will. With the passing came news she would be blessed with a beautiful nephew. Mr. Dak: The Tale of a Special Turtle was written as a testament of her love and memory of her grandfather. As a way of grieving, she channeled the very words that make up this beautiful book. 

“From a young age I struggled with the concept of death and losing a loved one. How could it be? I just couldn’t imagine losing someone so dear to me. Through this work, I set out to use my own experience to help and give a way of healing for others. If only I had a different understanding as a child.

I found most comfort in knowing that the Universe is always in charge. I am so lucky to have experience such a great love in my life. In 23 years my grandfather taught me everything he could. It was apart of both of our purposes to experience that. It is so important to cherish everything about love; to remember all of the experiences and things about the person that made your heart smile and dance. I hope this story serves as a reminder to cherish those memories and to know that their love will never fade. Love is an incredible thing; protect it, cherish it, and always be grateful for it.”

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