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From m.e., to m.e....

With self love comes the power to reflect it outward. Love, M.E. is a collaborative effort to help build self love, self care, balance and growth both physically and spiritually, individually and collectively, for Source, Mother Earth. Spread the word, we are growing as a community. We will be offering Reiki Shares, Workshops, and Classes and connecting a community of like-minded practitioners. 



What is Reiki?

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Reiki is a massage for your soul! It is an energy healing practice that allows cleansing, clarity, and balance. It works to clear chakras and blocks for a better flow of energy in your physical and spiritual life. Blockages that can occur in the body can show through physical and emotional pain. Reiki is a gentle hands on treatment of energy clearing throughout your Chakra system. As the Practitioner, I work to clear anything and everything that is showing to block your system to allow a better flow of energy throughout your system. There is a sense of relaxation, healing, and alignment that takes place during and after the treatment. my practice is dedicated to guiding clients to have a better spiritual understanding and connection to Source and Higher Self.


Angel Card Readings

Using Angel Cards allow you to connect with Archangels. It is one of the most powerful tools to connect with Angels as a way of guidance and healing. Angels bring peace and clarity into our lives and by this connection you receive Divine guidance. 

Intuitive Readings

A unique reading leading you to your highest spiritual potential. Readings allow for blocked energies to be released and provide clarity. By using the connection with Source, I am able to deliver messages of guidance. These sessions are highly individual. 


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