Change in Frequency

Do not allow the idea of being scared of something deter you from what lies behind the fear. It is to show you where change and determination needs to happen. where you are meant to grow. Without this push, we would never have to be shaken to be awakened. You would never feel the discomfort of what you thought that been comfortable and you’d never want anything more. 

To shake that feeling is to also align more with your Higher Self and God’s Plan. This means that you will experience an increase of frequency within you and all around you. You will start to shed all which is not aligning and matching that frequency, and being aware of when that happens. 

Allow for time and ease to help you. You will see the benefits of letting go of the old ways of thinking much more clearly engaging you to do more of the work. During these times of shifts it is important that you get enough rest. That you are serving your Higher Self and nurturing when needed. Be bold in who you are, but know when to rest and take it easy. Find quiet time to sit in stillness and allow for the integration of newness to happen. Be still in your physical body by giving time for meditation and yoga. Move your body to allow the frequency to flow through. 

This is a time of change, and an increase of frequency. 

With Love,


Dayna Saba