Fill Your Cup

A wise woman once told me - it is not money you must seek in order to fulfill your dreams, but reasons to fill up your cup. 

That wise woman was my higher self checking me into gear. 

Help them, then help yourself. Be there for others and then you can be there for yourself. How many times have you been guilty of it? Where does the line get confused between self and service, and what about service for self? 

I must admit, it has been something that I have needed to learn. Something so out of the ordinary for me to sit down and actually consider, but when the time comes when the universe couldn’t be throwing you more hints is the time when I find it most challenging to turn my gaze away from it. 

To not fill your cup up first is not serving yourself or others. How could you ever fully serve others when you have no idea how to fully serve yourself? Isn’t that what it’s all about. Being a vessel of life and giving to others the same way you experience life? It isn’t about how MUCH you do for others, but the love, quality and intention that goes into it.Without understanding what that means in unauthentically aligned with you. 

Do yourself a favour, whenever you are projecting or reflecting opinions on others decisions for self, ask yourself why that is. The answer is sure to bring you back to your Self (big S). The universe is giving markers all around you. These disreet nods of recognition are simply there to show us what part of ourselves we lack connection to, or the parts that have gone unseen for far too long. Make sure your cup is full, I promise you, it feels more rewarding to be fully and completely authentic to your Soul than anything else. Watch how much you glow and how that glow shines onto others.

With Love,



Dayna Saba