Leap of Faith

We all have a sense of fear in some way. Afraid of spiders, afraid of failing, afraid of what’s going on in the world right now. The unknown of lack off control over others. But what if fear was just a deterrent. What if I said you can view it as a choice. One one hand, it being something to stimulate the unconscious and form a block of energy. On the other hand it being a marker of when to turn on faith. You hear this all the time, right? Choose faith over fear, but when it comes down to it, are you really willing to do that? Are you willing to let go of what “could happen” or what “could be” and allow the natural course of Faith (big F) to take over? 

It has been my greatest strength to learn this. To let go of trying to have control over what I could never control in the first place and replace it with the all-knowingness that Faith has got me. This next phase of the energetic shift journey is just that - letting go of the fear. Don’t you see it’s just holding you back? What is it you’re most afraid of? 

Fear causing reaction, faith gives strategy. Believing that If I just believe it Faith, and I listen to my intuition, I am setting myself up with Hope and letting go of what “could” happen”. If I listen to fear, well, we all know what happens. It’s a quick downward spiral, a dip energy, and a place that is so hard to forget. Nothing that fear brings lasts forever, Faith has always got you.

With Love (& Faith),


Dayna Saba