See Through The Veil

Sometimes we are afraid of the dark - as in we’re afraid of the unknown. If we cannot see what is in front of us, we become discouraged for lack of communication. But as I gave into it today, during a head stand, I experienced my shirt over my eyes and the worry that I wouldn’t do it right, or worse, I would fall. Not knowing until I was fully in the pose, with the shirt over my eyes, that I felt stronger and more attuned with the universe. As if my faith was kicked into high gear and I was trusting in everything I couldn't see, which is the universe around me. God doesn’t want us to fall, but when we do, and we can’t see it coming, he still knowns what’s going on. Yahweh wants us to be our highest selves - connected to our Soul self. Encouraging us to do and see more, to let go and feel free, to say and need what our soul and heart wants. It is the soul within that needs that fall for it has something much better in store than what feels comfortable in our view. Control isn’t fascinating, it is boring. Our soul needs more. When you practice self-awareness and you begin to see these subtle ties the universe has been representing and trying to show you, doesn’t it put life into a little more perspective, as if you can see it a little clearer, even if your shirt is over your eyes. It is the most beneficial thing to give in to the universe sometimes, it feels right for your heart and rests your worries, but those worries will not lift the shirt, it will make the unknown just a little scarier. Have faith that wherever you are right now it is for a God given reason. It is there to help guide you, and others, to their maximum potential. Have faith that you will always, one day, see exactly what that unknown time was for and if you don’t your karma will. 


Dayna Saba