Clearing The Fear

You sit, huddled in a corner replaying your fears over and over. What it looks like, what it may feel like if it happens, how it could happen, and all the ways you can control it from not happening. But have you ever wanted to know why and where those fears come from? Why they show themselves to you during certain times with certain factors involved. Like its a puzzle piece that just wont fit but you need to understand where it goes, or if it doesn’t go at all. When we lose ourselves in our fears it is easy to get whisked away from exactly how you are suppose to feel, from your soul. Your soul says one thing, and your fears will tell you something completely different. 

When you trust that there is a guiding light willing and always available to take you out of the huddled corner, you make the choice to choose your Soul and the lessons that are meant to come with these fears. You always have the choice. You choose everyday. If you hold onto fear and think or truth that someone else will make it better for you, you are wasting your own light away. When those parts of you are being shown, the parts that make you feel weakness, stand up to it knowing that you have all the power to get through it. That there is nothing worth letting your frequency plummet, that there is nothing better than living in alignment with your Soul and seeing through all the haze that may try to steer you away from it. It is a natural occurrence for one dip lower when involved or around lower frequencies. When thoughts or actions are tempting you to dip below your frequency level. 

Trust that the Universe is showing you the way, that God is leading you through it if you give enough space to clearly see it. In these times, it is best to surround yourself with those things, events, people who keep you at a higher frequency. Try writing your fears out, without hesitation, sealing them with a prayer and asking for light to be shed on the situation and clearing to occur. Always follow a clearing like this by burn what you’ve written to release into the Universe. Let go of those corners that are not meant to be held onto for another lifetime but meant to bring you to a freer, more aligned life of purpose. Fear, along with any other triggers, act as a ways to show where these thorns are hiding. Acknowledge the thorn. Do not allow the negative, judgemental talk within it deter you from being able to remove it. Learn, heal, grow, remember - we are constantly learning our lessons to transcend. 

With Love,


Dayna Saba