New Year Intentions

Sage is used to clear space, objects and self. It is a Native practice to bring Mother Earth's goodness to purify and lift anything that is no longer serving you. To read more visit,

Allow what has served you in the past to be motive for where you shall go in the future. It is the time of newness. Know it is your time to Divinely align with all that resonates with you and to let all else fall away, seamlessly and carefree (as possible). Try this: place an intention daily upon waking - what are you mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally fulfilling. Grow yourself by learning to grow what speaks to you. Watch as your intentions become reality. This happens when you put your Soul Self first. It is an ease in your ego and being Soul Self aware. The year of spiritual awareness and growth will be sure to show you your own wonders. Clear what is no longer serving - if something is bothering you, try writing to heal yourself; when you have written it, burn it to relieve all negative energy being held with that. You will see, as you welcome a new shift, an awakening of what is really aligned with your Soul, the work will be done to bring you to your highest purpose. 

With Love,


Dayna Saba