Soul Consciousness

What beautiful music to hear your sweet, soft tone finally speaking the words that are true to you.  -DS

Transitions in our lives are for the best. It is a time when we weed out what is no longer serving your greatest good and while paying more attention to what is. You need not to stress. You need to speak straight from your heart. In times of change and transition it is easy to get lost in the unknown. The hurt and the heartache. It is with ease to these transitions we find ways to use and show our strength combating anxiety and fear of whats to come. You have little chance of figuring out when you get lost in things like what if’s and the subconscious who taking over. Ego is meant to warn you and keep you in check. To process what is happening and help make sense. Find shelter in staying conscious of your Divine plan and Soul Self - holding on to remorse and the way of the past (that which is no longer serving you) finds relief in picking up your present and bringing light to what it is trying to show you and where it is taking you. 

It is now time for the physical journey to reflect your highest potential. it is seeing the vast changed as a way of production and greater good. We sometimes get lost in this but coming back to what you know for sure reminds us all of the Divinity that holds us so tightly and so dearly in the space we belong. Lift yourself up from the ashes, clear what is no longer serving and rise into your power and strength. See the beauty of the beholder and the strength of spirit. 

BREATHE - breathe your way through transitions. You can use it immediately or set time aside to meditate with the flow of breath work. Grounding yourself, feeling the energy in your body and using balanced breath work. Inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through you nose. Paying attention to the flow of breath, find even inhale and exhale lengths. Start with 4 seconds if you can, work your way up. Saying mantras like “let” on the inhale, and “go” on the exhaling. Find calmness in stillness, even in the shakiness of transitions. 

With Love,


Dayna Saba