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“It is not just wellness, it is divine health. Health includes the highest function of your body, mind, and soul” - D.S.

Wellness is a term often used to embody what we have come to describe a healthy lifestyle. Within wellness, there are many categories that contribute to it, but what we are really after is Divine health and the overall success of ourselves in the mind, body, and soul. In order to achieve this level of health you must look within at how you operate as a single entity apart of a much larger entity. What do you need in order to find your balance and achieve what it is that you were created to do? Often times we forget to incorporate these practices into our everyday. We eat, breath, and sleep out of convenience or exhaustion and seldom do we listen to what our body, mind and soul really crave. 

Each day I complete a chart like this (a little less perfect and actually hand written in my automatic writing journal). 


To begin, understand that each “quadrant” represents 25% of your balance in a day. In order to find yourself feeling balanced it is important to spend time dedicated to each one of these categories. There is no exact amount of time you need to spend to accomplish this, as long as you’re doing something that fulfills you and checks it off of your balance to-do list.

Spiritual: What is it that you find spiritually connects you? Automatic Writing, meditation and Reiki are highly effective to fill this part of your day. If you are just starting to meditate and are not quite sure how to, we are fortunate to have a little platform called Youtube. Try out this 5-minute video and see how it works for you - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehotG3fzb9U

Mental: What gives you mental clarity? As a designer, I find mental clarity in being creative and doing exactly that - creating. Whether it be drawing or painting or, most days, writing. Music is a great way to find mental clarity as well. Pay attention to the way songs make you feel. Maybe you create a playlist that is filled with songs that you find uplifting or calming.

Physical: Everyone should be incorporating some form of physical balance into their everyday. Physical includes exercise, eating right and taking care of yourself in the physical form - anything you need to physically keep your body in line with your Higher Self. I practice yoga daily (as I study to become a Certified Yoga Instructor) and have adopted a vegan lifestyle - it is what I have found that is most aligned to my purpose. I believe that from birth yoga and reiki should be taught as foundations. What you incorporate with that is up to you. Find something that doesn’t feel exhausting to you and master it. Find the beauty and empowerment in being physically able to accomplish this portion of the quadrant. It’s as simple as going for a walk around the block, or eating real, unprocessed, unpackaged, nutrient rich foods that will leave you feeling full of energy and not tired or unsettled. Take time to make yourself feel good by looking good as well. When you are dedicated to making your inside balanced and beautiful, it radiates and reflects on the outside.

Emotional: As human beings we can easily get caught up in our emotions. We stay there, we forget everything else that could be going on and it so quickly can lower our frequency and deplete our energy. To find emotional balance try writing gratitude lists each day to start. Try finding what you’re grateful for on your soul level. Don’t necessarily focus on the physical in life like money or material goods but the things you wouldn’t necessarily be aware of throughout your busy day. 

Creating daily balance in your life is easier than expected. Take a few minutes in the morning, before you look at your phone or begin your busy day to really pay attention to how you will fulfill your balance to-do list. Everything around us, including us, operates at different frequency levels. By taking time to ensure you’re paying attention to fulfilling what it is that gives you balance in life you are ensuring your frequency maintains where it should be or increases as you delve deeper into connecting with yourself; mind, body and soul. Live more of your days dedicated to Divine Health and your Higher Self and find yourself feeling richer and more aligned with your purpose. Clarity becomes inevitable, your physical and spiritual energy increases and things like uncertainly, stress, and anxiety diminishes - doesn’t that sound like bliss?

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Video: Awakening Your Spiritual Potential (Truthful Healings - Heather Nodello)

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