A Letter From Higher Self

Free yourself in the words you speak. Free yourself with the mother tongue of your heart. Free yourself by standing tall in honour of me, your Highest Self. Free yourself through knowing and the knowledge that I am guiding you to your highest good. And along the way, with all the hiccups, I am rising with you. Raising you higher. Free yourself by knowing that you are magical and free to speak from your truth; Your heart, your soul and your highest purpose. Be free, my love, for you have me. 

Your Higher Self is your most perfect self. Being in alignment with your Higher Self allows you a deep, spiritual connection to the very truth of why you are here to do what it is you are meant to do. In times of struggle, in times of duress, the truth lies within this source. When on the right path, it illuminates all that you are doing and guides you to continue on this path of purpose. Try finding a connection. Through meditation, through action, try finding a space where you can connect to your higher self. What do they look like? What colours represent them? What messages do they have for you. Go there and know that in finding your most perfect self comes the knowledge of what your heart and soul already know. It is the free guidance we have within us, connected to our intuition and our deepest truth.

Your Higher Self serves you in more ways than you think. Take time to get to know yourself from the deepest part of your being. As you start to emulate what you discover and focus on bringing this truth to light in your daily physical life watch as you begin to unfold all that is supposed to come to you. It is a gift and a curse. It is a gift to acknowledge this whole being of you, and a curse to avoid or disregard it. Find your truth, find your Higher Self. 

With Love,

Dayna xo

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