The Necessity of Change

Change is the essence of rebirth. It allows the cyclical practice of moving through the motions of the divine path by contributing and attaining all there is to serve your purpose. - DS

“Change is scary”. In my own experiences and from others I’ve heard this far too many times. A cry that does not fully explain the realness behind the meaning of change. Change can be scary, it will be uncomfortable, however, only for a short while. By flowing through your emotions and allowing time for understanding of experiences, change can actually be quite amazing. This addresses big life changes, or what could be small seamless transitions. In fact, with the right changes made it usually leads you to bigger and better things waiting for you. It is as if the change is pushing you further down your path and along the lines of alignment to divine purpose. It is a metamorphosis of yourself becoming more aligned with your higher self. 

Change is necessary and inevitable. Allowing the transition to not be turned into the negative but see it as a way to allow what is suppose to grace your life, your path, with what is meant to happen. Change needs a new word - it is a rebirthing cycle. It is a movement towards a new birth in your life. Imagine you have a to do list. On that to do list are big life lessons you need to learn. Upon learning those lessons come a big check mark, the symbolism of completing a task. Allow that check mark to be a representation of your rebirth. “I’ve learned all I can about it, from this person, about this situation, clearing my own disbeliefs and allowing an understanding to be formed about this experience”… then off you go, on to the next. 

When foundation is firm and grounded, these rebirths are easily transitioned into. It is what your soul already recognizes but your mind needs to process. By connecting, you will always understand the difference. That gut instinct and that comfort level. Don’t let it fool you into being trapped in your emotions. Feel the motions instead. Knowing your path will always lead you to your right of passage. Accept the change as a token of appreciation, or challenge, which leads you to higher and bigger/better things. Go with your gut. Your guidance. You will be amazed at what you unfold.

With Love,

Dayna xo

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