Love For Self & Source

Respect the Source. There will be times of heartache and burden, for that’s what we have caused within her. Our selfish acts and unkind ways have lead to the destruction of the very land for which she has given us. until we learn to love ourselves and each other as if we are one with her, we will continue to bare the burden of the great wrath of she who nurtures and is our source. - DS

During these times of shifting energies and change, it is important that you take care of yourself first. Above all else, you should find your own strength in your foundation in order to deal with everything else outside of you.

Travel if you will - to explore her beauty and not escape your reality. Eat because you have to, but eat what is organic to the Earth and no out of convenience, shop if you insist but remember there is no self value in each one of those articles of clothing that lay or hang so congested in your closet. Until we understand that it is not in these things we find our truth, our beauty, but in the very reason we are alive and on this earth today will we really understand the importance of our actions and what they bare on everything around us. You are not defined by what you have but what you do with the very purpose you were given. Your purpose is a journey, not a final outcome. You do not need to search for one single outcome but to be awake to the individual events that are given or created to align you to your destined path. You may continue to live as if you are allowed the pleasures which we reap, but if those treasures were not here for you to have, would you still find the same fulfillment? I ask you that as the world is experiencing the harshness of Mother Earth, Mother Nature. Can you still deny that we have no bigger part to play but the part we so desperately have made up in our minds of how life should be. Is it so difficult for you to look in that mirror you do so every morning when you wake up to get ready for your day and take the time to understand what is happening behind and underneath the flesh that is protecting you? I say this with love and compassion for every single being on this Earth. I say this with courage and hope that it will be messages like this that can speak to some part of you that desires to know more and see what it truly is to be rewarded with the gift of purpose and understanding that we are not here by ourselves for ourselves. We are here to love, and challenge, and grow and give back to the very source that protects our own.

My only wish with this message is that the love you give to others comes from a place of love for yourself. Not in pity or sorrow, but because we are all here as a collective, interacting and exchanging energy with, to and from Source. It is what you choose to do with your power and might that will be your defining factor. Trust and believe you are here for a reason. You are important. And even in the smallest way, in the smallest gesture, can contribute to the greatest love, the love of self and source. 

With Love,

Dayna xo

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