Put it in writing

An introduction to Automatic Writing and finding your relationship with God.

Imagine this: You have a cozy area where you like to sit and relax. You sit down with a pen in your hand, maybe play some soft music and you begin to verbal diarrhea everything you’re thinking of or holding in your head out onto the piece of paper in front of you. This form of release turns your thoughts into tangible truths you can finally make sense of. So often we go back and forth in our own minds trying to make sense of lies that we feel so comfortable telling ourselves. Our thoughts turn into stress and we continue a sick cycle of struggling with how to make sense of, sometimes, even the smallest situations. That build up directly effects the way our energy flows in our bodies. Maybe it’s your third eye reacting through a headache. Maybe it’s a change in your digestive tract because of your sacral or high blood pressure from your heart chakra (* see below). When we hold onto things that are no longer serving us, or not meant for us at all, we hold on to energies that are actually damaging to our spiritual and physical frequency/well being. Automatic Writing is another form of meditation but it is a direct connection to Higher Source, Higher Self, and Divine Guidance. 

To begin to understand the guidance that comes with automatic writing it is recommended that you start off by connecting with Source. Yahweh, the creator of all and who is presented in some form in all religions, is a great starting point. Here is where people who are not necessarily “spiritual” have a hard time connecting. Allow yourself to try it. Don’t get caught up in what you should be writing or how you should be connecting. Allow faith to flow over you and write whatever comes to you. It’s as if you’re writing a letter to your pen pal. “Dear (God, Yahweh, Allah, etc.), what do you need to tell me today?” Watch at the guidance comes. As you delve deeper into your practice of automatic writing the guidance will become stronger and more indepth. Each morning I start my day with this form of connection. As you begin to develop the relationship with God, you learn more about who else is available to connect with. It is important that you start somewhere. 

Go ahead and ask the questions you’ve been struggling with on your own. Remember, allow your faith to shine through. Trust that you are being Divinely guided to the true answer, the answer that will give clarity and relief but also action and strength. Writing is the release you can not get from forming conversations in your own head or speaking to others. Allow the ability you have to be the release you need each and every day to create a balanced life. 

With Love,



*Chakras are the energetic flow in your system. Medical treatments are still needed and this information may not be the cure for a specific issue. Always consult a physician about any medical attention you need.

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