Allow Yourself To Let Go

When is it the right time to stop questioning and listen to your own intuition? How many wrongs must you feel or must others do to you before you see that the choice is yours each time you’re in a particular situation. When is it time to allow yourself to heal from knowing to trust your own intuition and guidance. Let go for the newness to come through; and when it does, it comes barreling in. There is no stopping your fate when you've chosen to let go and give into the faith that is guiding you.

Heal from within. Flow through the cycles. Feel your aura strengthen, rooting deeper, rising higher. For you will feel the spectacular presence through self love and dedication to your purpose. 

It is not he who is telling you to choose. It is your own choice. Each and every time you’re here, remember the power is within you. Without havoc, you will see that the clarity is so simply there and readily available to you. There is no point in allowing someone else’s existence to dictate your own. But fault is placed where misconception is drawn. You are not powerless, why act this way? You are not off the path, why tell yourself that? Why not acknowledge that deep down you must let go of the fear that you are lying to yourself about the very lessons that are gifted to you and just let go to allow those things to come to fruition? You are not in this alone, why are you acting as if you are? Ask when you know you need to. When you choose to trust your light, you are choosing to see it all in the way of the divine. The Divine will sweep you off your feet and glide you to places for all the right reasons and none of the wrong reasons. Stop allowing the weight of the world to take from you the very essence of your crown. No one removes that crown. Learn, soar, conquer. 



Dayna SabaComment