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B.DES., Author, Reiki master, 200 Hr Yoga Teacher

Growing up I spent a lot of time trying to make sense of the puzzle that everything happens for a reason. What, when, WHY, where, who, and HOW everything happened. I was constantly looking for the lesson behind everything.

I experienced a beautiful connection to culture from a young age growing up with grandparents who were 1st generation immigrants and friends of all different cultures. My mother introduced travel to my sister and I at a young age, and I’ve had a great love for Mother Earth ever since and a feeling that we are all so deeply connected than we think. 

I moved from Windsor, Ontario to Toronto, Ontario in 2011 and what followed has been incredible experiences on my journey. It lead me to becoming more aligned with my Higher Self - (keeping Divine timing in mind) being pushed and poked along the way. 

With a series of events that shifted my understanding, It wasn’t until I had physically lost a great love in my life that I truly began to understand the beauty of the notion that everything is Divinely timed and aligned. I had a choice. I could either grieve and lose sight of the beauty that love brought me, or take that love and make it flourish into so many other things - even healing. It was that event that brought me to understand who I was and what I needed in order to find balance and contentment in my life and how it was one of my duties to teach others the same lesson. From there I embarked on my spiritual journey. I’ve met such strong, beautiful people who have introduced me to the techniques and resources I needed to delve deeper into these understandings I had been longing for. Growing up, I was blessed, am still blessed, to have a grandmother so connected to Source. I listened to stories about creation and the power of Source and Guides but never fully understood the depth of all that was possible when you let go and trust there is a higher being in charge. 

What I have come to know is that we have all the power inside of us. The power to self-heal, bring self-awareness and self-confidence. Rather than looking to the exterior to find our joy (or blame) and contentment we should identify with what is within. As soul beings, we are complex. We have our challenges and our strengths. The beauty of it all is that even in the darkest part of ourselves we have lessons leading us to greater and stronger spiritual potential. By dedicating the time to become who you were divinely destined to be, seeking your soul self and finding that connection we were all meant to have is where our truth lies. We were created divinely by Source, God. In finding my purpose and higher self, I found all the resources I have been divinely given to live the life intended for me. We must live our lowest days and our highest days - but what we do during that time, how we keep balance and how we keep moving is much more powerful than understood. 

Presently, I hold a Bachelor’s of Design from OCAD University, I am a Self-Published author, I am a certified Usui Reiki Master, and a 250-hour Yoga Teacher. In each of my practices I connect the Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Emotional. I wish in all of my studies and devotion to purpose I can be a light to others. I am incredibly proud to share my purpose through my mind, body and soul - designing, writing, healing, and movement - and hope that I can ignite the same journey within others. 

With Love, Dayna