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You will never truly understand the power of self until you trust the power of source.

I am incredibly proud to share my purpose through my mind, body and soul - designing, writing, healing, and movement. I am a multi-passion person who always finds new ways to connect with and to the world around me. Here is all the ways - so far...

Design: In 2016, I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Design from OCAD University. Always being fascinated by design, I wanted to learn more about the effects of spatial design. Your exterior environment is one of the most important aspects of your life. I also found a great love for channeling the visual  presentations of branding dreams - the way you connect with others and the language you choose to help represent that is the connection in a digital world. 

Reiki - I. Love. Reiki. It is something I have always practiced but as a young child was never given a name for it, other than LOVE and nurturing both for self and others. Reiki is a massage for your soul. It works with the energetic body, the chakra system, to help cleanse and release stagnate or negative tension in the body. It is a Divine connection with Source that I value to hold sacred to my heart. 

Yoga - In 2017 I set out to experience life on the mat, a 250 hour yoga teacher training. Today, I value my self practice as a part of my morning ritual and my teaching as a way to help others understand and feel what happens on and off the mat in a spiritual way.  

Writing - After experiencing great loss in my life, I wrote and self-published a children's book, Mr. Dak: The Tale of a Special Turtle to help share the message of moving through the motions of grief and remembering love is always at the core. Currently, I write for various online blogs about healing and the power of self love through our connection to Source and Higher Self. Read more in my blog. 

I wish in all of my studies and devotion to purpose I can be a light to others and ignite others to embrace their journey of purpose. 

With Love,


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